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Six Star Wheel Bearing Kit - Rear



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Six-Star OEM rear bearing kit. Includes rear bearing and seals. Choose for select Impreza (RS, TS, WRX), Outback, Legacy, and Forester models.

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Smart Quality Parts offers an industry leading 2 YEAR, UNLIMITED MILEAGE warranty on all parts purchased. If a part fails within this time period we will replace it or refund the full value of the part purchased. Visit our Terms page to see our entire policy.

Six Star Rear Bearing Kit Includes

  • OEM bearing
  • All seals needed for replacement

When bearings fail they will make a humming or grinding noise and can often be mistaken for tire noise in the early stages of failure. The sooner you replace a worn bearing, the higher the chance you have of not needing to replace the wheel hub as well. Make sure you enter your complete VIN before you place your order so we can make sure you get the correct parts for your car.

Bearing Kit Will Fit

  • Legacy 1990 to 1999 Models
  • Outback 1990 to 1999 Models
  • Impreza WRX, RS, TS 1995 to 2008 Models
  • Forester XT 1998 to 2008 Models

Bearing Kit WILL NOT Fit

  • Impreza (SVX)
  • 00+ Legacy
  • 00+ Outback

At Smart Service (and Smart Quality Parts), we have been carrying and using the Six Star brand in our repair facility for over 15 years. Since the majority of our in-house technicians are Subaru factory trained we understand the benefit and need for correctly fitting and functioning replacement parts. The benefit of being an independent facility is that we are not required to use the Genuine Subaru stamped parts but unlike other independents, we didn't want to use aftermarket parts just to cut costs and increase our margins.

We found Six Star in that search for the perfect balance between OEM quality and a more affordable price by cutting Subaru out as a middleman. We supplement with the Genuine Subaru parts where we feel that is needed or required if Six Star doesn't manufacture a certain part, but we mostly use Six Star because more often than not the part is identical to what you would buy at the dealer.

The description below outlines the color and sticker system on the parts you may receive. Please know that 90%+ of the Six Star parts we carry are the Gold Star OEM designation and the Red Star options are just as good in our opinion (see our replacement oil filter for example, you can see it cut open next to a Genuine Subaru filter there is no difference at all).

We offer our own private Six Star label parts that identifies OEM parts with a gold star:

and alternative source parts with a red star:

  • Genuine = Exact part you would purchase at your Subaru dealer.

  • OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer. The part was made by the exact same manufacturer that made the original part for your car. For example if you open a genuine Subaru wheel bearing you will find that the bearing is an NSK bearing. If you buy that same bearing OEM you're getting the same part.

  • Alternative Source = These are parts that are manufactured by an indepedent aftermarket parts facility. Our alternative source parts are put through the rigors at Smart Service before we offer them online.

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